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Coyotes Live Here Too
Posted on Oct 21st
Coyotes are busily living amongst us.  In fact, we need to coexist with them.  They tend to be pack animals and can be seen especially on gray days and at dawn and dusk.  Things to keep in mind:
1.       Always supervise your pet while outdoors.
2.       Do not feed your pets outdoors.
3.       Cover your trash.
4.       If you encounter coyotes, make a loud noise. 
5.       When walking during the dawn/dusk or at night, carry a walking stick.
“Coyote’s are part of the natural ecosystem in southeastern Massachusetts, where each species plays an important role. Coyotes, as a top predator, help to control populations of deer and rodents that would otherwise decimate crop and vegetative communities. Research has shown that in areas where coyotes are removed, rodent populations boom and will destroy private and commercial crops. In order for ecosystems to self-regulate, top predators are necessary to ensure other animals do not populate out of control.”
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Local Events

Council on Aging October Events
Thursday, October 1st to Saturday, October 31st
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Virtual Celebration of Crafts Fair, thru Oct 31
Saturday, October 31st
The Upper Cape Regional Technical School Fair is virtual since Covid it is not possible to do in person.
There are 3 members of the Great Island Artisan's Guild participating. Robin Block, President, The Painted Robin with beautiful $3.oo greeting cards based on original paintings and fabulous unique baby and children's gifts. Dottie Lewis, Vice President, Dottie's Sewn Crafts, has a variety of sewn items for the kitchen, bath, along with children's aprons and adult bibs. Nina Callahan, Harbor Bay is showing their soaps and lotions.
This is a fund raiser for the school and the Culinary Dept. is hoping to have baked goods available as well.
You order online & pay from home, Pickup will be 11/21 or 11/22/2020